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The Best Marketing Strategy Anyone Can Use

- Updated October 4, 2022

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best marketing strategyI think this is the best marketing strategy out there that anyone can use for almost anything. I’ll actually be using it throughout this post.

If you stick around here for any length of time, you’re going to find that I’m pretty picky about marketing. I want methods that are fresh, aren’t going to waste my time, are ethical, and are going to give value to my clients and customers.

Old Tired Marketing Methods

I find certain tactics to be old, tired, and need to be retired. I actually talked about this a bit in another post I did about what I call the unique approach. Basically, the unique approach is not using a bunch of tactics to gain attention, but just using your own instincts to create content that people want.

Instead of rehashing the same methods over and over, you end up developing your own ideas, products, and ways that you market those products.


Some of those old marketing methods that I’m talking about are things like webinars. I think that’s probably my number one tactic that I hate.

I’ll never forget the first one that I attended. The guy was 15 minutes late. When he finally showed up, he proceeded to drone on for an hour and a half about nothing. In finally gave up and went to bed because he had said NOTHING of substance yet.

Every webinar I’ve ever attended was the exact same: a lot of hype, a lot of blabbering, and a lot of selling with no real substance. It was a couple of hours of some guy talking probably in front of a whiteboard telling me something he could have told me in 5 minutes and then to try to sell me whatever he’s trying to sell.

So, you made $10,000 last month. That’s great! I’m still not buying your $1,000 product. Anyone can find 10 suckers a month if they do enough webinars. It’s just not the type of business model that I’m personally going for.

Anytime you see a webinar, then you know the main MO of that webinar is to sell you some big ticket thing.

Endless Products

I’m also not a fan of people who just churn out product after product after product. I’m currently trying to build my business around content, information products, and some of those things are going to be for sale. It’s just the nature of the beast.

There are people out there, and their entire business model is just to churn out products on Warrior+ and JVZoo. They launch. Launches are their meal ticket. I’m not saying that all of the products aren’t quality because some of them are really good. 

There are a few people who sell on those high-traffic sites that have really good stuff. Stuart Turnbull is one, Ken Bluttman is another, and George Katsoudas, he makes WordPress plugins.

The problem here is the unbelievable amount of crap that you have to wade through to find the good stuff. Most of the products that I’ve gotten through one of these platforms was trash followed by a long chain of piggyback products and one-time offers. 

I’ve seen some of them with as many as 6 or 8 additional offers you have to opt out of just to get the final product that you’ve bought. It’s ridiculous. Upsells are a thing, but 8 upsells is overkill especially when they don’t even relate to the main product.

I’m just done with that stuff. Again, it’s just not the type of business model that I want, I don’t recommend it for people that I consult with or advise.

Is Your Email List Crappy?

Now when I started writing to my email list daily in November 2019, that’s something I never thought that I would do in my life. Most of the lists I’ve been on where I’ve received daily email, I’ve ended up opting out of.

I believe in email marketing, but some guys just take it to an insane level. 

I try to provide something useful: an observation, a tool, a new idea, or advice on a topic.

Brendan Mace is one of the worst. If you hang around the Warrior+ JVZoo crowd for long enough, or YouTube, he’s got a YouTube channel, you will run into that guy. His products might help younger people learn the ropes to an extent, but his approach to “get bux” is just infantile.

His entire business model is to promote the less than mediocre products that are being released via Warrior+ and JVZoo.

I rarely sell to my list. If I release something, I either give it away or it’s pretty cheap. The most expensive thing I’ve offered to my list so far was $27. I just don’t do a lot of selling.

I know the deal. The money is in the list. I’m still not going to run over to Clickbank and find 17 products that are going to pay me well and hawk them to my list just because it seems like the thing to do to make myself some money.

There’s a better way that will pay you while you provide value. Once I get it nailed down, that’s what I’ll be teaching from my platform.

Rehashed Methods

There have been many combinations of the same methods to make money online. They are all the same:

  1. Build a website.
  2. Promote a product.
  3. Build an email list.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Repeat.

It’s not rocket science which is the reason I’m in the beginning stages of developing a system that people can jump into completely free of charge and learn the basics. That way, they are not buying these rehashed products.

I would say 99% of the products that I’ve bought were just rehashed methods. Every affiliate marketing product is the same. You choose a niche, you create or find a product to promote around that niche, you build a website, you create an opt-in to capture email address, you give away a free ebook as an incentive for people to opt into your email list, and then you write articles.

You might create guest posts for other related blogs. You can comment on blogs, forums, and other related websites in your niche. 

It’s almost too difficult to get email address anymore because the entire Internet is jaded by all of these worn-out methods. If you want to get rid of me, just say webinar or one-time offer and I’ll be gone.


I’ll try to keep this rant to a minimum. I have some strong feelings on this topic. I think that urgency as a marketing tool is pretentious and disingenuous.

To put it more simply, my time is not your gold, you douche nozzle marketer.

I mean I can do classy and ghetto at the same time.

I learned a big lesson about time in the last year. One of the characteristics of the neighborhood that I live in, and actually one of the more boring details, is that the houses are fairly close together.

If you live in pretty much any major metropolitan area, you know what I mean. This means that when someone is mowing, leaf blowing, weed eating, or farting two blocks in any direction, I know about it because I can hear it through the thin walls of my 100-year-old house.

I used to think, “Wow, look at that idiot mowing during the hottest part of the day.”

Or, “Does that fool not realize it’s raining?”

I have lived both of these scenarios in the last year because I don’t have any other time to do those things. I help care for my mother and that’s 4 hours right out of the middle of my day, 5 days a week. I recently brought that down to 3 days a week so I can things like getting this podcast out.

It’s one of the reasons that I work from home. I get things done when they get done. They happen when I’m able to make them happen. I don’t have kids, but my life can’t be unlike the constraints of that type of schedule.

So, for some marketer to act like their time is more important than mind or try to use my lack of time as their marketing tool and pretend like they want to help me, but only at 7pm…they’re using urgency and scarcity and that kind of crap as a marketing scheme.

Time is a finite resource. It’s the most valuable thing we have as humans. People think they can buy that from us, and they can. I’ve sold a lot of my hours, but marketers think they can turn your time into gold by creating a false sense of urgency. 

That urgency is always FALSE.

They want your time, and they want you to pay them for taking it. That chaps my assets!

You can use urgency the right way. Discounts are a good way to use it, countdown style deals are good. Your webinar at 7pm with no replays is not.

No reruns on your timed show is not. You are limiting yourself by limiting your audience in one of the worst ways possible. You are putting constraints on their most limited resource. 

There are better ways to sell that are much more effective. I’m going to cover one here in a few minutes.

No one likes to be shoved off a cliff. If they are going over, they want to do it voluntarily. Don’t sell people what they’re not buying.

Crisis Marketing

Finally, the last crummy marketing tactic is very relevant to what is happening in the world right now.

I went to the grocery store and on the toilet paper aisle, there was a lone roll on the floor. It definitely looked like some type of showdown had gone down there. It’s so strange with this coronavirus that none of the symptoms have anything to do with what you would use toilet paper for, but that’s the thing that is in most short supply right now. 

Large parts of the country are on lockdown and I think we can all agree that the marketing tactics that have surfaced during these times are just as despicable as the price gouging that’s going on.

Oh, you sell information products on car maintenance? We don’t need you to contrive a COVID-19 selling point for your content. It’s ludicrous.

All of the trend chasers have seeped out the woodwork to see if they can be more clever than the next guy. Marketers are just as bad as conspiracy theorists, and I can say that because I’m a bit of a conspiracy buff. Just like everything is a conspiracy, for marketers, everything is a money-making opportunity.

I don’t have any COVID-19 specials for you. There are no CORONA coupon codes around here. I refuse to peddle things on the back of misfortune during a crisis. I’m here to solve problems and answer questions. I’m not here to line my pockets with your money while you’re struggling to stay safe and be well.

That pretty much covers the marketing strategies that I think are garbage. I feel like these things should be laid to rest right along with cold-calling and door-knocking. Someone, please tell the shady salesman and the shady salesman trainers that it’s 2020. 

Don’t come knocking at my door. I’m not going to answer it, especially after dark. Don’t call me. I’m not going to answer.

The Best Marketing Tactic Anyone Can Use

The absolute best marketing tactic around is the one that I’m about to share with you right now. I’m going to use it just a little bit more, so I can further illustrate my point.

Are you onto me yet?

I’m definitely no expert at Internet Marketing. I’m still learning every day. Utilizing this tactic is a craft that I’m still learning. 

I use it on a daily basis.

I’m using it right now.

I use it probably in every email that I write to my list.

I use it in every headline.

Is it effective?

I’m quite pleased with the results myself.

I think I’ve probably strung you along for just about long enough. The marketing tactic that anyone can use, the one that you can use for almost any product is something the great copywriter, David Ogilvy, called…curiosity.

You may understand it better as a tease or teaser.

Everyone selling stuff is using it. Movies use it. Music artists use it. Dirty gurus use it. 

That’s because it’s madly effective. Our brains are wired to want to know the answer. We will almost always stick around to find out what someone is talking about if it is not immediately apparent.

If it’s done well, the audience is intrigued rather than annoyed. If you tease for too long or you use it too often, your audience may get aggravated and disengage.

There’s a bit of an art to it. It’s not manipulative, but it doesn’t take up a little bit of time. Most of the time, the customer will agree it’s worth it if you wow them with your product or service.

Practice makes sales.

That’s a Wrap

If you can master curiosity and pair it with a great product, then you’ll be in business. Get out there and try it out.

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